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Moira Buršić

Educational Underwater Trail Verige

Moira Buršić

Brijuni National Park is a small but very important marine protected area in the North-Eastern Adriatic Sea. The efficiency of protection has been scientifically proved and we invest great effort to keep it undisturbed. In order to educate our visitors about the importance of MPA-s, we have designed an educational underwater trail. Our trail offers a unique experience of visiting natural and archaeological sites of the exceptionally rich and well preserved marine world of Brijuni National Park. The sea life is rich in biodiversity, which can especially be observed by numerous populations of fish. The tour includes swimming and underwater sightseeing with the help of an audio guide and educational panels. The audio guide is special as it can be heard underwater. Snorkels that are used have an in-built radio receiver that allows visitors to listen amazing stories about Brijuni's underwater world. The Educational underwater trail was created for the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of marine protected areas and their significance for preserving biodiversity. We think this is a fun way through which people can receive an important message.


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