Red Bull Crashed Ice Wildcard Online Qualifier

Compete in Red Bull Crashed Ice in St. Paul MN

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Aly Lund

Girls can do it too! Online Wildcard Video Qualifier 2014 - Aly Lund

Aly Lund

I have been ice skating and playing hockey since the age of three. Throughout the years I played in a variety of different leagues with many different paces and styles. Some of the leagues I have played on include: youth, high school boys, high school girls, college and adult leagues. Outside of hockey I have spent countless hours skating streets and skate parks. In the parks I developed skills on ramps, rollers, jumps, launchers, half pipes, spines any everything else a skate park has to offer. I also snowboard, ski, bike, and live an active and adventurous lifestyle all around. All of these activities have all given me what I believe are the necessary skills to be a top competitor in the Women's division of Red Bull Crashed Ice.


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