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Benjamin Eriksen Carey

Ocean Courier: Interactive Docu-Series

Benjamin Eriksen Carey

Ocean Courier is a conservation and sailing adventure that trumpets the critical need for ocean stewardship efforts worldwide, with plans to air on public television. Our goal is to transform all citizens into concerned activists driven to take intelligent action in their own communities. Our mission is two fold; to conduct a ‘census’ of ocean conservation efforts, and to create new uplifting conservation media. To do so, we are taking a fresh approach. We don’t want to create the typical doom and gloom media that depicts a depressing ocean status such as plastic pollution in a seabird’s belly, bleached coral reefs. Instead, we plan to create uplifting media about people on a path of exploration, adventure, and growth. Who doesn’t love a real high seas adventure? Everyone is invited on a voyage aboard a sailboat to witness the thrills and hardships of life at sea. Ocean Courier will travel to marine areas in jeopardy, marine sanctuaries, and other ocean areas of ecological interest to celebrate or protect. We will introduce passionate citizens and scientists engaged in ocean conservation efforts, such as tagging sea turtles, restoring natural habitats, or even cage diving with sharks that are under threat from poachers who harvest their fins. We aren’t just making media! It’s more than that. Ocean Courier is committed to using new interactive media to develop real relationships with the audience as the story unfolds, transitioning the audience from passive on-lookers to active participants in exploring, connecting with, and delivering the Ocean’s message.


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