Red Bull Crashed Ice Wildcard Online Qualifier

Compete in Red Bull Crashed Ice in St. Paul MN

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Chris Clancy

Red Bull Crashed Ice Wildcard Qualifier - Chris Clancy

Chris Clancy

Chris Clancy has been on the ice since he was four years old. He is purely gifted on skates making it almost impossible to recreate the moves and strides he can so fluently perform. Playing hockey competitively all the way through college, he has managed to be one of the top skaters on any team he has been a part of. An appetite for thrill, an unadulterated knack for aggressive rollerblading, and a raw talent on the ice render him to be one of the top contenders in the world of Red Bull Crashed Ice. Since its inception, Chris has ached to compete in the Crashed Ice series and with the click of a button you can send him to ST. Paul, Minnesota for what may be the start of, a prosperous run at the Red Bull Crashed Ice world championship. Thanks! We hope you enjoy!


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